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This is the free webhosting provided since 2007 and it’s already need 10 years of free hosting. They are the best free hosing providers. They provide Disk Space of 1000 MB, Bandwidth of 10000 MB (i.e. 10 GB), Total Websites allowed is 2 websites. They provide you Control Panel for free. You can display your own ads. You can use any free domains in this hosting providers and Click to install CMS. Easy for WordPress hosting. The only limitation is one hour of Sleep. You will get Full instant backup and download in your local server. Web based file management, URL redirect facility and PHPmyadmin support. And there are lots of features. You can learn more features here.

As it name suggest its 5 GB free web hosting service. They Provide 5 GB of Disk Space. 20 GB of bandwidth. Supports one FTP (File Transfer Protocal) account. You can create up to maximum of 3 database. They supports subdomain, Cpanal. They are ads free they will no longer display ads on your site it was update as of October 2014. Email is not supported. They have US based data center. You can get support from forum. One click installer is supported. You can access this site here


Free Hosting No ads

This is another free web hosting provider. They provide 20 GB of disk space. 200 GB of bandwidth. Supports 3 PHP Versions. They provides free site builder. You can set up POP3 email account. You would get subdomain or you can use your own domian. There are no forced ads for you to display in your site. Supports one click install to popular plateform as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. You can access this site

FreeHostingEU offers professional and absolutely free hosting service powered by reliable cluster-based technology. They provide 200MB of disk space and 4000MB of monthly bandwidth. You can host up to 5 domains and they also provide subdomain if you don’t have domain. FTP account is supported and you can access web based file manager. POP3/IMAP and SMTP email service is available. One click installation of popular platform. And also supports website builder. You can find this site (recommended)

Free Hostia provides free webhosting. They also provides VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Their datacenter are based on USA. They support one click install to popular platform exist today. They allow up to 5 Hosted Domains. Provides 250MB of Disk Space, 6GB of Monthly Traffic, up to 3 E-mail Accounts, 1 MySQL v.5 Databases, up to 10MB MySQL Storage. They also supports domain registration. You can access this site


Googiehost (recommended)

This is one of the best free hosting provider. They supports all the features of the free hosting above. They provide SSL Certificate from let’s encrypt. No advertisements and one click installation that of 480+ popular platform in the www. They also provides 24/7 costumer supports. They use 1000 SSD of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth with linux hosting. This is one of the free hosting you should try. Free SSL, Cpanal, Linux hosting those services are really great. You can find this site

Other Free hosting

Here we collect some of the free hosting providers, you can use any of the above that fits your requirements, We also include some more free hosting service provider down below:

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