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MILLENNIUM CHALLENGE ACCOUNT NEPAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD (MCA-NEPAL) VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Project Manager-Road Maintenance & Technical Assistance Assistant Engineer-Substations Assistant To DED-Management Lead Engineer-Transmission Lines M&E Specialist Power Sector Reform Specialist Manager-Monitoring, Evaluation & Economic Analysis Outreach Communication Assistant Office Assistant Office Driver How To Apply: Place and date of sending the application: Please apply on Tuesday, Chaitra 1, […]

Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran Job vacancy

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (Nepal Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran) Information regarding permanent recruitment through open competitive examination. within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of issuance of this notice. (Published date: 2078-11-13) 1) The place to apply is to go to the website of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority: www.caanepal.gov.np and fill out the Online Application Form. 2) Details […]

Gadak & Suparibekshak Job Vacancy Notice

Gadak & Suparibekshak Job Vacancy Notice published by Central Statistics Bureau Kendriya Tahyanka Bivag. National Agricultural Census 2078 Rastriya Krishi Gadana 2078 Gadak & Suparibekshak Job Vacancy Notice. Information regarding enumerator and supervisor recruitment (online) application form in the contract for National Agricultural Census 2078. For Gadak- Enumerator- 5023 NosPursuant to Article 24 of the […]

How To Add.com.np Domain On Cloudflare

Add .com.np Domain to Cloudflare Account For your information, blogger requires you to update CNAME records. To update CNAME records, you will need DNS manager which domain registrar generally provides In the case of .np domains, there is no DNS management option. Therefore, we will use this system from third party. There are multiple ways to […]

PUBG PC best sensitivity settings

To the right we have the average sensitivity settings used by the professional PUBG players. PUBG has these values set to 50 from the start by default. While the following sensitivity settings are a good guideline to follow, your in-game sensitivity settings will depend on your personal preference and what feels comfortable to you. Interesting […]

How to Increase File Upload Limits in cPanel

How to Increase File Upload Limits in cPanel without touching a php.ini fileWorks with Godaddy, Bluehost, and other shared hostingGodaddy and many other shared hostings’ default settings are set to not allow for files over 2mb to be uploaded. This is very easily remedied by changing some basic settings within cPanel. You do not need […]

Teens use apps to keep secrets?

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