Nepal Police School admission notice

Nepal Police School published an admission notice for various classes. Nepal Police School Bagmati Pradesh Chitwa &Nepal Police School Karnali Pradesh Surkhet Student Admission Information notice from Class 1 to Class 7. Regarding the new admission/ enrollment in the Nepal Police School, it is informed that the enrollment of 60% of the children of Nepal Police personnel and 40% of the children of the general public for the academic year/ session 2078 is open as follows.

Admission/ Enrollment Open for : Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6 & Class 7
Admission Apply Process:
Online Registration for Admission:
 – 2078 Jestha 9 to 2078 Jestha 23- 17:00 hrs
Online Entrance Examination: – 24th Jestha, 2078 for Surkhet Police School Karnali,
For Chitwan, Bagmati Pradesh- entrance exam notice published later.
Online Registration: – all the online registration link details are given below.

Documents to UPLOAD when registering online for Admissions:
1. Passport size photo of the student,
2. Copy of birth certificate,
3. A copy of the transcript of the last quarterly examination,
4. Recommendation letter from the office working in the case of reinstated police personnel,
5. A copy of the pension lease in the case of the retired police of a former police officer.

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