Install WordPress On XAMPP Local Server


If you’ve ever manually installed WordPress, the rest of the process should feel pretty familiar. First, you need to go to and download the latest version of WordPress

Step 2 : Find The Main Folder

Then, in Windows, navigate to the folder where you installed XAMPP. For me, that’s C://xampp. It should be something similar for you. Then, in th at folder, find the htdocs


Step 3 : Create a Folder For WordPress

In htdocs, create a new folder for your test site. This folder name will become the sub-name used to access your site. For example, if you make the folder WordPress, you’ll access your site by going to http://localhost/wordpress.

Step 4: Extract The Downloaded File

Once you create the folder, extract the WordPress .zip file you downloaded from into This New Folder.

Step 5: Create a database for WordPress

you need to create a MySQL database for your WordPress install. To do that, launch PHPMyAdmin from your XAMPP control panel.

Go to A Browser http://localhost/phpmyadmin Creat  a Database Name wpress

Step 6: Install WordPress locally via the on-screen installer

The only step where this process will differ from a normal install is the database details. When you get to the database details, enter them like this:

  • Database Name =
     Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin
  • Username = “root”
  • Password = leave blank


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