How to Use your Pendrive as Ram


We have a trick for Use pen drive for support Your ram as ram memory .

here is a process for this . You need a pen drive. How much free space here you can use it. if you do not need the file you can Format it for use full Space. But Not need to Format if have needy file inside it .


1 . just plugin your USB pen drive on Pc Or Laptop.

2. Right Click On Your USB PENDRIVE menu will be appear (IMG 2 image)come go into Properties.

3. From Top Menu Of properties Go to READY To Boost Option

4 This Mb Was how much Space you want to use like Ram . select it. (This my drive was total empty that’s why i use the whole size for it)


5. After select Click on Appy & OK .

6 . For conformation your work was done this file must be inside in your Drive check it & its Size .

This file name is ReadyBoost its here you Done the process Now your pc was boost work &Gaming performance .

Done Thank you for VISIT .


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