How to buy or sell share in Nepal

Must understand before entering the share market

Type of market
Share issued by the company directly and have a relatively lower risk

IPO(initial public offer)
FPO(further public issue)
Right and bonus share
Purchase through stockbroker or online using user login provided by Nepse.
Basic Steps for buying and selling shares in Nepal.

Open Demat account.
Almost all the banking (through their securities company) and some broker provide Demat opening service.
Simply open your Demat account from the bank where you already possess a bank account. Bring your Identity proof.
Obtain online login credentials from your DP holder as discussed in step 1
Currently, we can apply the primary market through the internet via MeroShare.
For obtaining mero share login credentials
Apply for mero share when you get the Demat number at the same place and also ask for CRN number.

Now we can apply primary share like IPO, FPO, Right share when available by selecting MY ASBA –Apply for Issue from Mero share website.

For information related IPO availability
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or read news portal like Merolagani, Newssangalo, Nepali paisa, Sharesansar, etc
For selling of share purchase through IPO we have to go to the broker just like in the secondary market.

Important notice: Sale of share purchase from Mero share cannot sale from mero share so we must open an account from brokers

The secondary market

Warning: Posses higher risk so must understand consequences before entering.
For entering in the secondary market open an account from any broker.
For the list and address detail of the broker visit NEPSE.
You must bring your identity proof (citizenship or other) and Demat number.
Now you can buy or sell any listed share by visiting a broker or calling them.
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Nepse provide a full-fledged online system so you can buy or sell shares in Nepal through online
For buy and sale of share online in Nepal you must follow some procedure
Nepse provides a full-fledged online system but the payment system is not integrated with it that’s why the online system is not functioning fully as it should be. By using the services of Connect IPS we can make payment to the broker so we don’t have to visit the broker’s office just to buy or sell a share in Nepal. In addition to that, some banks are providing 3 in 1 service in collaboration with their capital company and brokers which will provide you fully online service to buy or sell shares in Nepal.

Visit your share broker.
Fills the agreement form.

Then your broker will provide you the URL link for the Nepse TMS website, password, and user ID which is client ID.
First, open the URL of your broker from the list. Clik He

re For Broker list Fully Online Broker Was TMS 7

Then click in the register and fill the form accordingly.

The login page will display like featured image then you have to log in with your client ID and password then the page will display like these.

tms drashboard for bye or sale of share
buy or sale of share onine
then click on order management which will display like this
TMS order management for bye or sale of share
Tms order management