How To Apply IPO in Nepal What Is Renew Of Mero Share


How to Use Mero Share to apply for Share (IPO) Online?

Get A Dmat Account & Mero Share ID Password From Your Bank Any Bank Provide the Service. After Get MeroShare Account ,

Login Your mero Share App/Web Portal

  1. Navigate to My ASBA tab and then click on ‘Current issue’.

Mero Share Dashboard

2. Select the share names to apply for and also the number of shares as per the limit stated.
3. Choose the bank account (linked to your DEMAT account) and enter your CRN number.
4. Enter the verification code that you see on the screen.
5. Hit apply only when you confirm all the entered details.


How to Check the Status of your Share Application?

This section is for existing users who have applied for a share and want to check the status. To do this, simply go to the Application report inside My ASBA tab. Click On Report Button . To Check Status Of Your IPO Result.

There you can see if your application status is allotted, pending, or confirmed.

How to Renew your Mero Share Account?

You Need To Renew Your Mero Share Account Yearly .

If you choose to go to the bank where your DEMAT account was opened, you will need to fill a form to renew your Mero Share account. The payment charge is Rs 50.

On the other hand, you can do the same by using a Online Payment (Esewa/Imepay) Etc,  that supports this particular renew feature.


Select Finance and choose the Capital > Enter the Client ID, DEMAT account holder’s full namecontact number, and the service.

This way you can renew your Mero Share and DEMAT account linked in the same bank account. After proceeding with the payment, you will get the confirmation.


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